Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fertility acupuncture

Yesterday I had my first fertility acupuncture appointment.  This is a woman I've seen in the past who is also an allergy elimination specialist.  I am always amazed at the knowledge non-medical people offer, and yet the medical doctors are the last to be willing to offer this information.  In fact, it is only by me finding out from someone else what I should have tested, that they will even talk to me about it.  And even then, it is pulling teeth to get things tested.  Oh well, I could stand on that soapbox forever, but I will get off it right now.
Anyhow, I felt much more balanced after acupuncture.  She wants to see me again on day 20 of my cycle to help with a progesterone boost around the time that implantation would be happening.  Lots more I learned in this visit.  Didn't know this.  She also suggested I try an OTC progesterone cream.  I, for one, am skeptical of hormones; my own, and especially not my own.  I feel out of balance hormonally, and I feel the only true way to address this is through my diet and lifestyle.  I am working like crazy to keep my diet in check, but hard to do this in a non-militant and stress-free way. 
I will wait until I see the medical fertility specialist on Tuesday before I decide on the hormone cream.  I am going to demand some specific bloodwork, and see where this takes me.  I hope for their sake they just do the damn bloodwork.
I am excited for acupuncture.  The multiple corkboard photos of "acu-babies" was quite re-assuring.  I hope my baby's photo will be up there soon.  Speaking of which, I dreamt of my baby the night before this acupuncture session.  It was very "real" feeling.  I felt contractions of my labor, I saw and held my baby, as did my husband.  A baby boy, very long but skinny, I could feel his weight as I held him.  I think I am getting closer.  It feels like it's all coming together.  I wonder how many people feel this way and months or years continue to pass.  But really, focusing on the positive is the only way to go.
Baby H, we bought a cute little yellow rug for your room yesterday.  You can move in anytime.  We love you!!!!!

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