Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adrenal overdrive

I had a reflexology appointment this afternoon.  I've had many massages before, and I've spent a short amount of time pressing and rubbing some acupressure points on myself, but never had a formal treatment like this.  It was mostly a foot massage, but there was a lot of specific focus on points on both feet.  My left foot was certainly sore in a few areas.  And, wow, my right foot in this one spot was so incredibly sore I could barely breathe.  The therapist told me this represented the adrenal glands.  Surprise, surprise.
Over the past year or more I've delved into quite a few books on regaining hormonal balance.  Ealier today, while waiting for my car to have a recall issue fixed, I popped into Target and skimmed through yet another book of this genre.  The book was finally one of the more simple ones to read, without so much indepth science that it is slighty nauseating, as I've found with most of the previous books.  There was definitely talk about adrenal overload.  I decided to not buy the book, and get it cheaper on amazon.  I am a full time volunteer afterall.  It was just ironic and not at all ironic really, that the adrenals came up again, this same day, in the form of feeling the pain of just how unbalanced they are.  So now I'm going to google how to assist my adrenals to find some harmony. 
Stress is always a trigger, and much as we might not like to admit it, stress is a part of EVERYONE'S life.  I am no exception. 
Sometimes I feel I should be!  I am a yogini, a twice daily meditator and practioner of genuine yoga.  I live a full time yogic lifestyle.  However, this  does not automatically negate the stresses of life.  And, of course, by nature, I have a somewhat type "A" personaliry.  So, sure, I experience stress.  Is my meditation practice failing me??? Absolutely not.  I can only imagine how insane my adrenals might have to work if I DIDN'T live this lifestyle.  So, there I go, in search of refining my ability to find balance and stay out of the extremes.  Good luck with that girl!!!! (I says to myself)

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