Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Four days early......

Well, I didn't even have to wait for two weeks this time.  I will take this as a blessing.  Waiting the full two weeks is painful.  Having my cycle arrive late, way MORE painful.  Coming early...not fun, but ends the pain a little sooner. 
So, of course, I am not giving up.  I start fertility acupuncture on Saturday.  I have my first fertility consult with a Western OB on the following Tuesday.  I look forward to the alternative treatment.  I am not quite sure why I am going to the other appointment, but maybe I will know that after it happens.  I also found a midwife that I might like, via online reading, and I might contact her just to counterbalance anything the Western people might tell me about my bicornuate uterus.
 So, another month that wasn't the right time.  I have been in not the best space anyway.  Feeling much better this week, more open, more relaxed.  Of course the babe wants to come into this world when I am at a good place in my heart. 
Advice from my pregnant friend..via her midwife:  Have sex every day and be happy.
More practice....not a bad thing.  We are going to try seven days in a row.  Let's see if I can make it past day three.   That will be a record.  We are going to try in the mornings instead, since I'm not as much of a night girl like I used to be. 
That's the latest.  Meditating consistently, finding more happiness, less stress......
and getting more hopeful instead of discouraged. 

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